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24K Gold (24 Karat Gold), also known as Kosher Tangie is an exotic, greatly coveted hybrid strain. Originally farmed by the notorious and highly respected team over at DNA Genetics, 24K Gold was cultivated as a result of crossing Kosher Kush and Tangie, two renowned award-winning strains. 24K Gold is one of DNA Genetics most unique stand-out phenotypes, and is like no other strain they have ever created. Over time, this strain has become prominent for its peculiar sweet citrus-like essence and taste.



Buying Online 24K GOLD Marijuana Strain In New Zealand

The 24k gold marijuana strain is a type of weed that we coat in 24-karat gold leaves. The cannabis was grown by a firm called T.H.Seeds and was planted in soil and then sprayed with water to create its golden appearance.

24k gold marijuana strain is the weed that is said to be one of the most expensive marijuana strains in history. The firm that created it says that it was cultivated by breeding two different types of cannabis plants together.

With 24K GOLD Cannabis strains from The Roots Market, you can enjoy a delightful strain without breaking the bank because, at The Roots Market, all of our strains prices are by weight rather than price per ounce (which means more bang for your buck!).

We also provide full details on our website, including the list of properties such as terpene profiles (both primary and secondary) and cannabinoid ratios. So you know what you’re paying for!

24 Karat Gold Leaf

Exclusive to New Zealand are these gold-leafed strains. The artwork is applied using high-vacuum technology to preserve and protect it from being damaged. Each nugget is hand-selected and carefully placed under a microscope before receiving its final coat of 24 Karat Gold leaf. It is now stored in an airtight container for distribution.

Cannabis has been utilized for thousands of years in medicines and recreational uses across 

cultures. When discussing high-end cannabis products (yes, you can use weed as an adjective), it’s no surprise that high-costing strains take center stage in price.

These are not your average cannabis nuggets; each nugget is coated with 24K gold leaf. Let’s start with these gilded buds from New Zealand.

Why use 24k Gold Marijuana Strain

For many, smoking weed is an acquired taste, and only those already interested in it will appreciate its subtleties.

But with 24K Gold Cannabis strains because they’re so powerful, potent, and well-endowed that their nose-shattering buds explode in fruity flavors and sticky resins laced with silky trichomes.

For those who haven’t acquired the taste yet or are looking for a change of pace from their usual smoke, try this new strain for something completely different and completely outrageous.

Benefits of 24k Gold Marijuana

  • Gives relaxing relief
  • Prevents anxiety
  • Promotes euphoria
  • Makes marijuana a lot more accessible to people who use cash
  • Makes marijuana easier to test
  • Great taste and smell
  • 24K GOLD offers potent THC levels of 18%
  • Golden trichomes sparkle throughout nugs
  • 24K GOLD tastes like fruity mango, which makes it perfect for post-consumption
  • For those looking for true peace and relaxation, the 24K Gold marijuana strain offers its users many therapeutic benefits

Buy 24k Gold Marijuana Strain Now.

Are you looking for 24k gold marijuana? You won’t find it at your local dispensary. Our company has been making a buzz about its gold-infused strains. And now that you know where to get it.

The good news is that it doesn’t look like 24k Gold has any harmful side effects.

But since users haven’t had a lot of time to let its impact be known, we’re left wondering how safe it is. The general population will have to wait and see how safe (or unsafe) 24k Gold turns out to be.

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