The AIRO PRO – VAPE BATTERY KIT is a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need. From the sleek carrying case to quality cartridges, it’s all included. You can use this battery with either THC or CBD oil cartridges, which are sold separately.

The AiroPro is a sleek and discreet rechargeable CBD vaporizer! The AiroPro vape battery kit comes with a carrying case, a battery of 320mAh, cartridges, chargers, and lighters. If you live in an area where marijuana is legal then you can also use THC-CBD cartridges or refillable tanks with the AiroPro. The benefits of the AiroPro include:

Includes stylish carrying case and pre-filled cartridges
Comes in two colors: indigo (naturally) or graphite

Efficient design
Low maintenance
Long-lasting battery

Airo Pro Battery Kit

The indigo includes a minimalist carrying case with a foam cutout for the battery and a library of IndigoPro cartridges. Its battery is 320mAh, which is about 40mAh higher than standard variable voltage batteries. The power source is a long-lasting 320mAh lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable via micro-USB port It comes in indigo (naturally) and graphite colors and has a beautiful octagonal finish that is sleek and buttonless. Furthermore, if you live in a legal state you can also use the AiroPro THC cartridges with the AiroPro vaporizer!
Benefits of the Airo Pro Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer

Recommended Storage

To save the outstanding quality of your AiroPro CBD Rechargeable Vaporizer, please store in a cool, dry place down from inordinate heat, light, or moisture.

AiroPro is practically unbreakable with its beveled exterior made from 6082-T6 aluminum alloy. Holding it feels good – it has a nice weight to it. In fact, you might even say that its stunning appearance and feel are not even its most impressive aspects. AiroPro doesn’t have a light-up hit monitor like some older models do – instead, vibration indicates whether or not you’re taking a hit by pulsing short vibrations when in use or long vibrations when the battery’s low. Plus, the airflow is always smooth and easy because of how precisely designed it is.

keep reading Warning

Danger The AiroPro CBD Rechargeable Vaporizer is not for the faint of heart. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, those with certain diseases, and those taking medication. Keep this out of reach from children.

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