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Having a down day that just won’t turn around? You’ve tried everything. Gone for a walk, meditated, exercised, took a nap and tried listening to some upbeat tunes. All to no avail. The gloomy feeling still persists. Don’t worry, because AK 47 will turn that frown upside down. Not often do strains with such relaxing and upbeat features get a name like AK 47. Buy Ak-47 kush online new zealand buy real weed online where to buy cereal carts in Wellington how can i buy weed in Auckland order elite carts in Spain

AK 47 Effects + Benefits

The AK 47 commences with a heavenly blast of jubilation. The euphoria quickly sets in, escalating with each passing second. Users describe the sensation as gently rocking on a sailboat as the sun saturates the evening’s sky with hues of orange and purple. Now that we’re feeling great, it’s time to use the uplifted mood for a purpose. AK 47 is great for those wishing to add some spice to their creative endeavours.

Buy Ak-47 kush online new zealand buy real weed online where to buy cereal carts in Wellington how can i buy weed in Auckland order elite carts in Spain

Picture your mind as a treasure chest full to the brim with untapped potential. AK 47 is the key that unlocks the treasure chest; as a result, opening your mind. As the euphoria soars to its peak, the sedative effects start to appear. Within moments, the entire body blankets in what people like to call, “the fuzzy’s.” In low doses, the body-stone is light, while higher ones beginning to produce a couch-lock.

Regardless of your experience, It’s an awesome choice for a later afternoon chill session. AK 47 usually gets overshadowed by other strains, due to its affiliation to the recreational market. But, it’s medicinal uses are numerous. Thanks to its potent uplifting energy, AK47 is optimal for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Alongside the former, it’s also proven to relieve insomnia when taken in higher doses.

Sour moods simply do not exist with AK 47. We dare you to try and not smile.

On the other hand, don’t bother. It’s not worth your time.

Up to 18-20% THC


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4 reviews for AK-47

  1. WeedGenius

    AK-47 is great for indoor growth. This must be done discreetly due to it’s distinct and powerful fragrance. Flowering for the AK-47 weed strain will take eight or nine weeks. It will produce about 14 ounces for every square meter

  2. LaryNewton

    AK-47 Weed is a strong Sativa with up to 20% THC. It’s Sativa properties make it both energizing and relaxing. For this reason, it is suitable for use in anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, and disorders of attention.

  3. Hongji

    Fresh. i vaped it in the bath, it made me shit myself. litterally.

  4. Tibmars

    Oh blyat'” -Less than fifteen seconds after passing the joint. Only went up from there

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