Buying Chemdawg Alaska Strain In New Zealand

Chemdawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid, making it the perfect strain for creative projects. This bud is potent, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s also really nice looking – light green with lots of orange hairs.

✔ Productive without being overwhelming
✔ Relaxing without being sleepy
✔ Creative without losing focus
✔ Up to 26% THC
✔ Productive
✔ Relaxing

A handful of hashish lines outline the marijuana industry, and one of these lines is Chemdawg (aka Chemdog). Chemdawg is mythical hashish stress that`s the spine of limitless award winners, including OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

No stress will make a hashish connoisseur`s head turn-on-a-dime than Chemdawg. Chemdawg seeds harbour boundless THC potential, nostril curling diesel aroma and are best for each scientific and leisure hashish customer.

Read alongside to apprehend the whole lot there may be to realize approximately Chemdawg seeds, from its obscured historical past to pushing Chemdawg vegetation to their most potential.

About Chemdawg Seeds

The undeniable and easy reality concerning the beginning of Chemdawg seeds is that nobody knows. Many hashish historians agree that Chemdawg seeds have resulted from landrace Sativa strains — Thai and Nepalese. Another tale famous amongst antique faculty hashish lovers is that Chemdawg seeds originated from a “bag seed” from a Grateful Dead Concert. Lastly, some other story factors a Colorado-primarily based hashish stress made customers fall over like dogs. Although the maximum of those tales is relatively reasonable, none have any validity.

What is understood is that Chemdawg has become a direct hit the instant it reached the hashish community. Its excellent terpene content material and dazzling efficiency took aback the senses of absolutely everyone who indulged in it. Although Chemdog seeds are believed to be of natural Sativa beginning, its outcomes factor to a better opportunity that it`s a fair hybrid; since its creation as clone-most effective hashish stress, breeders have created progressed Chemdawg seeds for growers around the sector to enjoy the splendour that Chemdawg has to offer.

Effects of Chemdawg

Chemdawg seeds include effective results.

The excessive THC content material and terpenes supply almost simultaneous results to offer a laser-like focus, elevated awareness, boundless creativity, and in the end, the choice to relax and relax. Experiencing Chemdawg firsthand is splendid as it first sends your thoughts racing thru the clouds however can, in the end, make you sleepy. If there’s a purpose why you need to don’t forget Chemdawg seeds, it’s the reality that its results are second-to-none.

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