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Grape Ape that’s bonkers purple with the occasional flourish of hairs, then there’s the Grape Ape I took home. Almost a mossy green with a dark royal-purple leaf contrasting now and then, it’s dense but doesn’t resemble the rocks of marijuana that I’m more accustomed to. In fact, most of the purple had been egregiously trimmed off so that to the eye it’s pretty indistinguishable. Buy grape ape online where to buy quality hash in europe buy marijuana for cancer order weed online Hamilton buy illegal weed in Auckland

Look – Sticky light/dark green buds covered in crystals. Smell – Nice earthy Kush smell with a hint of spice. Taste – Critical Kush has that distinct Kush taste with a spicy, earthy taste on the exhale. Medical Uses – Stress, Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxant, Insomnia.

Created by Apothecary Genetics, Grape Ape is a three-way cross between three potent and equally popular strains. You have Afghani strain, Skunk, as well as Mendocino Purps.

Grape Ape is aptly named for its rich grape and berry aroma and flavor. It is a creeper strain famous for a high that slowly and gradually builds until you reach full body relaxation. It is also popular for its long-lasting effects. These combined effects may make you a little bit clumsy though like a sleepy, lumbering ape. buy grape ape online where to buy quality hash in europe buy marijuana for cancer order weed online Hamilton buy illegal weed in Auckland

Although it takes some time to reach its full effects, Grape Ape is know to produce a powerful high. This is why novice users are advise to dose carefully. Distinguishing Features: Grape Ape has large, chunky, and dense buds. They are purple and light green in color interspersed with light orange hairs. White trichomes cover each nugget in a thick layer. Its leaves are deep green in color with interesting shades of red and purple.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Grape Ape has a potent level of THC that ranges between 18% and 24%. It has 0.26% to 0.68% CBD level and 0.10% to 0.27% CBN. Grape Ape also has 0.1% CBDA, 0.9% CBGA, less than 0.1% THCV, less than 0.1% CBDV, and 0.2% CBC. Tests revealed Grape Ape has the following terpenes: pinene, linalool, ocimene, myrcene, limonene, terpinolene, caryophyllene, and humulene.

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2 reviews for Grape Ape

  1. Gilly Max

    I so much love this strain

  2. Larry Nick

    Yeah man I had to smoke a joint with my granny 5 days ago it was bomb,just ordered a qp and can’t wait to get it.

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