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Buy Holy Grail Kush nz is a DNA Genetics Indica-dominant masterpiece that won first place in the Hybrid category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011. Holy Grail Kush, commonly known as Holy Grail OG, is reported to be the first strain to obtain a perfect score in this category. The strain’s father, “The OG #18,” gave it a strong piney and citrus scent and flavor. Its maternal strain is Kosher Kush, which has a variety of relaxing and elevating benefits on both the mind and body.

Because it contains over 20% THC and up to 4% CBD, this strain has the potential to be a very effective treatment. Its effects start with tension and anxiety relief. Holy Grail Kush can also help with nausea, pains, hunger stimulation, and mood stabilization.

This strain takes little space but should be supported during the flowering stage, making it easy to grow even for first-time growers. Holy Grail Kush is a nine-week-long strain that prefers a lot of fertilizer and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Both the Screen of Green and the Sea of Green approaches work effectively. This strain can yield between 500 and 650 grams per square meter when grown properly.

Look – Nice tight buds with a blend of light and dark green, orange hairs and an even coverage of trichomes

Smell – The smell of this marijuana strain is super strong, think OG Kush times one hundred. Just pure Kush dankness.

Taste – Kush, earthy, Kush, musky, Kush…did I mention Kush?.

Effects – Awesome relaxing and calming effect, but not super couch lock, just chilled out.

Medical Uses – Pain relief, anxiety, stress, appetite, at increased amounts will help with insomnia

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