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Satellite OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created as a cross between the Godfather of many modern strains, OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush otherwise known as the uber popular SFV OG. Although the exact origins of this impressive hybrid are unclear, it’s generally believed that Los Angeles based craftsmen are responsible for the creation of Satellite OG. Rumour has it that rapper Paul Wall is the mind behind the creation of this strain, even dedicating his 2015 single ‘Crumble the Satellite’ in honour of it.  Satellite OG has become cherished for its’ surprisingly psychoactive and intoxicating high and has become increasingly popular, even being recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the top strains of 2015. As an indica-dominant hybrid, Satellite OG is known for have a profound and relaxing body high that is also surprisingly cerebral and uplifting. The high begins with an uplifting wave of euphoria that is accompanied with lots of laughter and a heavy case of munchies, before transitioning into a serene and deep couch-lock type of relaxation. The terpene profile of Satellite OG is likened to popular gas strains such as Tom Ford, King Louis XIII and the Canadian classic Death Bubba. The nose of this hybrid is characterized by earthy, skunk-like gas notes and subtle sweet, pine undertones. Upon smoking, the flavours translate into a sharp, refreshing pine essence with hints of sweetness.



Buy Satellite OG Strain nz

Buy Satellite OG Strain nz is an Indica-dominant hybrid stain with a rather grand lineage. Boasting a powerful THC average measuring between 18% to 24%, enough to launch you off into space, the Satellite OG strain is a product of crossbreeding between the famous Kush strains: OG Kush and San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush.

It offers an intense cerebral high that uplifts moods and elevates creativity, typically followed by relaxing body highs, an experience that can be compared to the sublime beauty of the universe itself! The strain had such an influence and lasting effect on the rapper Paul Wall that he further popularized Satellite OG when he wrote and dedicated his 2015 song to the majestic hybrid, entitled “Crumble the Satellite”.


This strain offers users an intense, cerebral high which takes effect fairly quickly after consumption. The buzzing high begins as one that allows users to think freely and speak outwardly, releasing a train (or space rocket) of thoughts which do not always necessarily make sense–nor does it have to! This cerebral experience allows for a flow of creativity, and when shared with others, such an experience can bring The high starts with an energetic head rush that suddenly leaves you insanely uplifted with a feeling of complete bliss and a hazy euphoria.

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