Crystal Coma by Elephantos nz

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Crystal Coma by Elephantos is a hybrid strain hailing from Southern California, a region known for creating some of the most trendy and premium craft cannabis within the West Coast. This beauty has gained recognition for its uplifting high and clean flavours, winning many awards including 3rd Place at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. While the lineage behind this strain is under much speculation, it is generally agreed upon that Crystal Coma was conceived as the result of crossing two legendary staple strains – the pungent Cheese and classic Skunk #1. The whopping 24% THC levels aren’t much of a surprise when you take a look at the notorious and potent genetics contained by Crystal Coma. As a sativa-dominant strain, the high is characterized as mainly cerebral, with uplifting bursts of euphoria and a pleasant creative buzz that is accompanied by a mellow, relaxing qualities. The aromas and flavours contained within Crystal Coma are bright, refreshing and unique. Complex notes of bright citrus and lemon contrast with a mildly earthy base that is further enhanced by undertones of pine and a sharp diesel.



Crystal Coma by Elephantos nz

Crystal Coma by Elephantos A sativa-dominant hybrid, Crystal Coma by Elephantos is as visually striking as its name suggests, evoking thoughts of diamond-like trichomes that will easily put you in a comatose-like state of bliss.

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Despite being sativa-dominant, however, it offers users both strong sativa and Indica effects. A product of crossbreeding between the strains, Cheese and Skunk #1,

Crystal Coma is a rare treasure with a THC content level that can trend at an amazing high of 26%, a feat which definitely would have been a factor in the strain winning third place prize for Best Sativa at the LA Cannabis Cup in 2014.

Best taken before bed, users will experience a serious case of couch lock as well as waves of euphoria with Crystal Coma. You’ll be dreaming of diamonds and forever with this one!


With such a high THC content and a name indicative of a state of unconsciousness, you can sure bet that Crystal Coma is a powerful strain. It delivers a cerebral head high rather quickly, stimulating the mind and putting users into a focused, analytical and creative mindset.

This would help with concentration and attention deficit disorders, though recreational users will also find enjoyment in the rush of euphoric waves Crystal Coma offers

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This sense of mental pleasure paired with its ability to focus thoughts makes it great for watching movies or working on creative projects. The energizing sativa effects are then gradually followed by strong Indica effects which offer a sedative-like physical relaxation.

For this reason, it is recommended for nighttime usage as users may become couch-locked as they slowly transition into a deep comatose-like state.

The potent Indica effects of Crystal Coma makes it popular amongst medical users of cannabis as the physically calming effects aid in pain management, offers relief, and helps combat insomnia.

THC Content

Crystal Coma is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain, with a staggering ratio of 70% sativa to 30% Indica. Its THC content level averages at a high 26%, above the typical norm, but has been reported to reach an even higher 30%. Crystal Coma by Elephantos nz

This high content measurement is perhaps surprising considering its parental lineage. Cheese averages only between 15%-20%, and Skunk #1 averages at 15%-19%, though despite these lower numbers,

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these parent strains remain famous and quite popular in their own right as Cheese contains 1% CBD and is useful for medical purposes, and Skunk #1 remains a staple in the cannabis-friendly Amsterdam region where it was originally cultivated.

Because of the deep trance effects, this sweet tasting winner earns its moniker. Medically proven to be effective in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety. In our seed shop, you can purchase this fantastic and extremely strong hybrid from breeders.

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  • Genetics: 75% Sativa/ 25% Hybrid
  • Growing: indoor 2 weeks/ outdoor 4 weeks
  • Flowering: indoor 8 weeks/ outdoor 10 weeks
  • Harvest outdoor: Augustus/September
  • Yield: indoor 400 grams- 14 ounces per sq. meters/ outdoor 500 grams- 17 ounces per plant
  • Height: indoor 100 cm- 39 inch/ outdoor 120 cm- 47 inch
  • Effect: medical and heavy high
  • THC level: high (15 %)
  • CBD level: low
  • Quantity: available in 5 seeds and 10 seeds
67% of people report feeling euphoric
54% of people report feeling uplifted
50% of people report feeling happy
Dry mouth
19% of people say it helps with dry mouth
Dry eyes
9% of people say it helps with dry eyes
6% of people say it helps with anxious
32% of people say it helps with stress
29% of people say it helps with depression
21% of people say it helps with pain
23% of people taste the flavor citrus
16% of people taste the flavor sweet
14% of people taste the flavor earthy

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