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Lemon Kush Seeds Online Look – Tight light green nuggets with a good covering of crystals and orange hair patches here and there Smell – When I first opened the container the lemon aroma hit me immediately. It isn’t like a Train wreck lemon pledge/pinesol smell, it has a more distinct clean citrus lemon fragrance to it, with earthy kush undertones.

Taste – I’m used to kush that has an earthiness on the exhale. Lemon Kush marijuana is the complete opposite. It had a strong earthy taste on the inhale that seemed like it was going to expand a lot, but on the exhale it was a smooth clean citrus taste.
It will still make you cough, but not as bad as you think it will when you first inhale Effects – Lemon Kush weed definitely leans towards the Indica side, but it has a strong cerebral effect too. In social situations you will be relaxed yet also still alert and able to function. If you smoke it before bedtime, it will most surely help you get some Zzzzz’s. This is a very nice Indica leaning hybrid that gives you the best of both. Lemon Kush Seeds Online

When the genotypes in Lemon Kush strain seeds come into contact with different growing conditions, unique phenotypes arise. Phenotypes refer to the distinct visible features that you can identify in a marijuana plant. There are several phenotypes that you can easily identify in weed grown from Lemon Kush strain seeds.

The first notable features in Lemon Kush feminized seeds are the yellow-green sugar leaves which blend with the light orange pistils to give the plant a unique appearance. The nuggets in this marijuana strain are covered in shimmering trichomes that contribute to the potency.

The second outstanding features are the dense, popcorn-shaped flower buds that are sticky. The sticky nature of the buds makes them hard to break open, and therefore the only way to break them is by the use of a grinder.

Medical Uses – Sleep aid, muscle tension, pain relief, stress, anxiety, increases appetite.

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Ounce =$330
Quarter Pound =$800
Half Pound =$1200


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