Quebec Gold

Quebec Gold Some of the world’s top strains don’t have to come from Europe, Asia, or the United States. Amsterdam is known for its coffee cafes.
In the past, California had Humboldt County and the gold rush. But don’t forget about Canada to the north, where you’ll find superb, of these buds is similar to that of many other indica-inflected cultivars.

The tightly coiled leaves are a brilliant yellowish green, lending validity to the name of this prized blossom.

The issue with this strain is something that needs to be addressed right away. It has become customary in Quebec and other areas of Ontario to refer to a strain simply as Quebec Gold when the name of the strain is unknown. In other words, due of its illustrious reputation, some people are passing off alternative strains as the genuine article.

In many cases, however, the intention is not to defraud individuals. To be clear, this strain we’re talking about is the BC Seeds variety. The small blossoms are covered in amber-colored trichomes, which give them a golden tint and add to their potency. Quebec Gold flowers have a pungent, smelly pungency when properly cured. Although there’s a hint of lemon below, the aroma is dominated by skunk and diesel. The scents are amplified by rinding, which also reveals a cheesy flavor. Quebec Gold emits an unpleasant smoke that is prone to irritate the palate and trigger a coughing fit when smoked in a pipe or joint.

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