SMOK PRIV Pen Plus Starter Kit

$ 80.76

Kit Vape Pen Plus 24.5mm diameter and 3000mAh capacity, a stainless steel material has weight of 125g.

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SMOK PRIV Pen Plus Starter Kit

SMOK PRIV Pen Plus Starter Kit Plus comes with an improved e-juice refilling system, bigger refilling slot and larger capacity.


Detachable Structure for convenient cleaning
Built-in 3000mah Battery
One button for all, easy to use
Intelligent battery life indicator
Multiple protections


Capacity: 4.0ml
Kit Size: 118.4 * 24.5mm
Battery Capacity: 3000mah
Coil: Vape Pen 0.25ohm Core

Package include:

1 x Vapen pen plus (24.5mm)
1 x Vapen pen 0.25ohm dual coils (pre-installed)
1 x Vapen pen 0.25ohm dual coils
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Smok Vape Pen Plus Starter Kit Instructions


The Smok Vape Pen Plus Starter Kit is an extension of Smok Vape Pen series, featuring a whole vaping system and a 3000 mAh built-in battery and single button operating system.

This Vape Pen Plus is bigger in comparison to the previous SMOK Vape Pen 22, with a dimension of 24.5mm base diameter, 118.4mm height, having a cylinder-like a form with separable construction for ease of cleaning.

It’s a one great product for travelling or as a backup system as it has a 3000mAh built-in battery which can be charged by a USB port. This vape pen uses direct yield voltages, linking the life of the battery to regulate the power yield along with safety.

It is operated by an enlarged firing tool and has LED light for indicating battery life. You will see an atomizer right inside the kit, that atomizer is a tank that is filled with sub-ohm from the top, and the delivery flow of air is fixed and a max liquid level of 4mm.

The coil is just the same as the Vape Pen 22 and is made to have the same yield range of the battery, giving a good output of flavor as well as vapor.

What’s more on The SMOK VAPE PEN Plus Starter Kit?

  1. Detachable Structure For Convenient Cleaning

Vape-Pen Plus can easily be detached to clean it, thus making maintenance easy.

  1. Air Slot

For airflow, the two air slots are on the top of the battery, evenly spaced.

  1. Built-in 3000mAh Battery

It has a 3000mAh built-in battery and safety yield and can easily be charged through a micro USB port

  1. One Button For All

The device can turn on/off by pressing the Power Button.

  1. Intelligent Battery Life Indicator

The battery indicator shows prompt, it will give 4 blinks when the puff is drawn and blinks fasts; 15 times, indicating that it needs charging.

  1. Multiple Protections
  • 8 seconds protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  1. Dual Coils

It comes with 2 0.25ohm dual coils; one is already installed in the stick.



SMOK VAPE Pen Plus has a 24.5mm diameter and a 3000mAh built-in battery. It has a top fill design and a large refill slot easy and cleaner for refilling. It has a one-button design with a battery life indicator; it also has two airflow slots and can be charged easily with a micro USB cable.


SMOK VAPE PEN 22 has a simple design and a 22mm diameter with a 1650mAh battery. It is easily detachable for maintenance and easily cleaning.

Due to the larger battery capacity, SMOK VAPE Pen Plus is one of the best vape pen to provide you a lasting vaping experience. Even it is thicker than other vape pens but it still easily fits inside a pocket for vaping whenever.

The FAQ for The SMOK VAPE PEN Plus Problems

  1. How to refill SMOK VapePen Plus?

  • It has a top fill system and to refill you only need to unscrew the top cap
  • Add the e-liquid and be careful not to drip it in the airflow tube.
  • Screw the cap back firmly and allow it to stand for a few minutes to allow the cotton to get saturated.
  1. How to know if SMOK VAPE Pen Plus is fully charged?

The LED indicator will turn off when fully charged.

  1. How to prime SMOK VAPE Pen Plus coil?

Add a couple of drops of e-juice into the hole on the top of the coil to allow saturation. Fill the tank to ensure that the juice enters the coil’s wicking area and a good liquid level is maintained through the priming process and the resulting vacuum plays its part. Assemble everything back together securely and ensure the seals are seated to prevent damage.

  1. How to solve the leaking issues with SMOK VAPE Pen Plus?

The Vape Pen plus only need a slow draw. Quick inhaling will not allow the coil time to heat and vaporize the liquid. Thus inhale slowly. Secondly, as soon as leakage is noticed stop using the vape and clean it to remove the excess juice.

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