Sweet Haze strain nz

Sweet Haze strain nz is a very strong sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain is also a cross between three different species namely SkunkHaze and Cannalopehaze Haze.

The exact sativa/ Indica ratio is under dispute but it is between 70:30 and 90:10. Due to the high sativa levels, this strain provides a very clear and relatively long lasting buzz (which of course depends on the amount smoked). It can be appreciated by both the novice and the experienced cannabis enthusiast.

Sweet Haze strain nz

It is used as supplementary medicine to treat the Inflammation of joints/muscles, nausea, headaches and migraines, depression and arthritis. People who have glaucoma can also use this strain. The high from this strain, although instant, has varying strengths. At first the effect is almost medicated, followed by a very relaxing and mellow high which is accompanied by a cerebral high. There are no complains about the aroma of this strain.

It gives of a very sweet, flowery aroma that pleases the senses. The smoke is extremely smooth and has an intensely sweet, candy-esque taste. Physically, the strain looks like any other variety of cannabis. It looks green and is covered with dark orange hairs.

This strain offers an energetic boost that hits your head straight away. It starts off with a tingle in the back of the neck and head that spreads throughout the limbs, leaving you utterly giggly and wide awake. The motivating nature of her genetics kicks in after just a few puffs, giving you bursts of creativity and focus. The buzz between your head and body are fairly even, leaving the user functional, although sincerely euphoric. Enjoy the slow come down as your body eases into a completely relaxed state, letting you avoid all cares in the world.

Contrary to what the name would suggest, this is a highly active strain aimed at alleviating stress and curbing fatigue. By crossing two cuts of Sweet Haze, Sweet Seeds gives us a sativa-dominant blend that will lift your spirits and melt away your pain with just a few puffs.

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