THClear pens nz This disposable pen contains the same great medical cannabis as the vape cartridge and is easy to use for the vaporizing novice. buy thclear pens online

The Clear Vape Slim Pen is available in 350mg and 750mg sizes in tempting tastes like Blueberry Melon and Key Lime Pie.  buy the clear pens online

Give vaping a shot with the Clear Vape Slim Pen. buy the clear pens online

We are the industry leader in solventless distillate. We currently produce Disposable Pens, Cartridges, Honey Pots, Syringes, Edibles, Bath Salts, Joints, Shatter Sticks, THCA, Moon Rocks, Lava Rocks, Crumble, 50/50, and different types of battery kits!

The Classic is the original Clear™ product line. With starting potencies of 65% THC by volume, the Classic cartridge is perfect for day use, offering a less intense THC consumption experience. The Clear™ Classic oil is paired with CBD Isolate and our proprietary flavorings for the most well-rounded and best-tasting cannabis experience on the market today.

These disposables deliver the best vaping experience on the market. A patent-pending center post diffuser and maximized air ports ensure long, full hits. The innovative wickless design features a vertical coil for efficient heating.

220mg of pure CBD per cartridge

The Clear CBD Vape Pen

Hemp Derived CBD Isolate, MCT Oil, 100% Natural/Organic Terpenes

220 mg of  pure CBD per cartridge
All glass tank
C-Cell technology with ceramic reservoir

This product contains 0% THC

The Clear CBD Vape Pen Terpenes


Juicy, rich and reminiscent of our favorite purple drinks from our past, like grape soda. Its grape top-note is highly expressive and its finish is long and juicy.


The Clear’s Blueberry flavor is remarkably true to its name from nose to finish. The unmistakable ripe fruit flavor is enhanced by sweet sugar notes, creating an experience that is sure to bring to mind your favorite blueberry dessert.

Potent Pineapple

Bright and pungent in tropical taste, Potent Pineapple’s juicy flavor notes truly tantalize the taste buds.


The Clear CBD Strawberry is the nearly over-ripe, deep red strawberry in the bunch, macerated and soaking in its sweet nectar. While the strawberry top-note is a familiar flavor, what separates our strawberry is its incredible depth. Our strawberry delivers both a sweet inhale and a juicy exhale.

Lemon Lime

The Clear has taken the delicious taste of lemon lime to a whole new level. The natural tastes are distinct and delightful for the palette.

Orange Cream

The Clear CBD  Orange Cream opens with a bright, sweet citrus flavor. This sweet orange remains distinct while accompanying a rich cream base-note throughout.

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